The Lord’s Recovery


  • In Satan’s Strategy Against the Church , Witness Lee explains how Satan seeks to undermine God’s will by distracting the believers with many substitutes for the living person of Christ, replacing the function of the members of the Body of Christ with the clergy-laity system, and dividing the Body of Christ. Witness Lee further shows how God is moving to recover the proper experience of Christ, the organic function of the believers, and the genuine oneness of the Body of Christ.
  • Chapter 2 of The Ground of the Church and the Meetings of the Church presents three categories of Satan’s frustrations to the church—substitutes for Christ, the clergy/laity system, and division—and calls for the recovery of Christ as life and everything to the church, the universal priesthood with the functioning of all the members, and the proper oneness of the believers.

Radio broadcasts:

  • In “The Need of a Return from Captivity” (Ezra, program 1), Witness Lee speaks of the history of Israel in captivity as a type showing the need of His New Testament believers as God’s elect to be recovered from the degraded state of the church to a proper relationship to Him, to His dwelling place, and to His kingdom.
  • “The Outward and Inward Recovery by Life” (Ezekiel, program 15) describes how, as seen in Ezekiel 36, God recovers His people from their degradation by cleansing them, by giving them a new heart and a new spirit, and by putting His Spirit within them.

Affirmation & Critique (A&C):

In “What Are We?,” reproduced in the January 2000 issue of Affirmation & Critique (V:1), Watchman Nee expounds the principle of recovery and outlines the history of recovery among God’s people from Martin Luther to the 20th century.

For more information see the resource pages for the three aspects of the Lord’s recovery described in the open letter: