A Practical Testimony of Oneness


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The Truth Concerning Exclusivism refutes the accusation that the local churches are exclusive and affirms that the believers in the local churches recognize and receive all genuinely saved ones as brothers and sisters in Christ.


Elliot Miller explains the teaching of Watchman Nee and Witness Lee concerning the proper standing of a local church.

Ministry Excerpts

  • The Local Church Being the Manifestation of the Body of Christ on Earth: The Body of Christ is not only universal; it is also local. Every local church is the manifestation of the Body of Christ in that locality. The church represents the whole Body in a locality. Hence, when we touch the local church, we touch the Body.
  • The Need for Establishing Churches: The universal church has already been formed by the Triune God, but where can people see it? The glorious church must be practical and real to people. Local churches are need so that people may see God’s glory. Therefore, local churches must be established all over the inhabited earth for the sake of His testimony.
  • No Reason for Division: If we have an expectation that everyone should be the same as we are, it will be impossible to have the church life. The church life must be all-inclusive, able to include all manner of genuine Christians. Concerning secondary matters, we should refrain from expressing our opinion. In this way, the oneness of the believers will be preserved.