The Person of Christ


In Concerning the Person of Christ Witness Lee describes the different schools of Christology throughout the Christian era and reviews the record of both the Old and New Testaments concerning the Person of Christ with particular emphasis on His being one person with two natures, the divine nature and the human nature. Other books by Witness Lee that open up the riches of the biblical revelation concerning Christ:

  • The All-Inclusive Christ is the first conference Witness Lee gave in the United States in 1962. In it Witness Lee shows how the good land of Canaan is a type of Christ for the believers to enter into and possess for the building of God’s habitation.
  • In Christ in His Excellency Witness Lee speaks of the supreme preciousness of Christ, His transcendence, His glory, His riches, and His fullness.
  • The Wonderful Being of Christ shows that Christ is both God and man, the Redeemer and the Savior, life and resurrection, the life-giving Spirit, and everything to the church.

Affirmation & Critique (A&C):

The April 1997 issue of A&C (II:2) is on the subject of “The All-Inclusive Christ.” In this issue “Christ Is Everything,” by Ron Kangas, presents the all-inclusive Christ as the center of the Bible, the complete God, and many other items. In the October 1998 issue of A&C (III:4) (“Christ Reconsidered“), “Christological Errors: Then and Now,” by Gary Evans, examines eight Christological errors, their main proponents, the scriptural antidote for each error, and their modern reemergences.

Radio Broadcasts:

  • The term mingling is the biblical term that describes the relationship between the divine and human natures in Christ (Lev. 2:4-5). It indicates that two things are combined in such a way that the components remain distinguishable in the combination. Because of a heresy that confuses the two natures, some have rejected the term mingling altogether, but in “The Meal Offering (3)” (Leviticus, program 10) Witness Lee explains the proper and improper use of the term and shows its value in explaining the relationship between the divine and human natures in the person of Christ.
  • In “Christ: The Preeminent and All-Inclusive One, The Centrality and Universality Of God” (Colossians, program 5) Witness Lee shows that in God’s economy Christ is both preeminent and all-inclusive, that is, that He has the first place in all things and that He is everything.
  • In “The Son” (Hebrews, program 3) Witness Lee explains how, in both His person and His work, Christ is the very speaking of God, that is, that everything He is and everything He does speaks forth God.

Polemic Writings:

Ministry Excerpts

  • Christ as All the Fullness of the Godhead: Jesus Christ is both God and man. He is a genuine man, and all the fullness of the Godhead dwells in Him bodily. As God and man, He is able both to sympathize with us and to accomplish our redemption.
  • Christ’s Human Living with the Father: Christ is God, and everything that He has ever done is from the Father. When Jesus lived on the earth, He spoke the Father’s word, did the Father’s work, and sought the Father’s glory.
  • Christ as Everything: Colossians reveals that Christ everything. He is the Firstborn of creation; yet, all things were created in Him. He is the reality of all things. Everything we need—food, drink, and clothing—are just a shadow of what Christ is to us.