The Experience of Christ as Life


  • Basic Lessons on Life is a series of lessons opening up the biblical revelation concerning God’s intention to be life to man and some crucial realizations concerning how to participate in God’s salvation in life.
  • Basic Principles of the Experience of Life demonstrates that the Scriptures are a book of life, not of knowledge, by presenting the definition and outlining the progress of the believers’ experience of Christ as life.
  • The Crucial Revelation of Life in the Scriptures speaks of the central biblical truth of knowing and experiencing Christ as life as it is revealed progressively in the Scriptures.
  • In Experiencing Christ as the Inner Life Witness Lee presents the central matter of the Christian faith, the Scriptures, and the Christian life—Christ as our inner life.
  • In Satan’s Strategy Against the Church , Witness Lee explains how Satan seeks to undermine God’s will by distracting the believers with many substitutes for the living person of Christ, replacing the function of the members of the Body of Christ with the clergy-laity system, and dividing the Body of Christ. Witness Lee further shows how God is moving to recover the proper experience of Christ, the organic function of the believers, and the genuine oneness of the Body of Christ.

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Ministry Excerpts

  • Life Is Not Our Human Life: All human life is subject to death and is destined to die. Real life is eternal. Real life is God flowing into us and being imparted into our being. Only God is eternal, so only God Himself is the real life.
  • How to Take Christ as Life: In the Scriptures we have the terms “tree of life,” “bread of life,” “water of life,” “Spirit of life,” and “word of life.” These terms help us understand that Christ is our life. The tree of life indicates the source of life; the bread of life, that this life is edible; the water of life, that it is drinkable; the Spirit of life, that life is just the Spirit of God; and the word of life, where life is to be found.
  • Our Need to Experience the Living Christ Who Dwells In Us: The most important lesson that we need to learn is to experience Christ as the wonderful Spirit working, regulating, and moving within us. When we become simple to go along with the living One who dwells in us, we will have the real Christian life and the real church life.